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PASE European Language Congress

We are inviting you to submit proposals for presentations during the PASE European Language Congress LEADERSHIP IN LANGUAGE EDUCATION. For a better future of our students, teachers, and schools, which will take place at our on-PASE-line on 8 May 2021.

The European Language Congress is the largest event organised by the PASE Association. The theme of this year’s Congress is key both in developing modern, innovative and efficient language education, and in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic as a major factor which has had influence on the shape and format of the foreign language teaching worldwide.

Foreign languages are taught in varied contexts and environments, as different target groups include pre-school children, adolescents, adults and seniors. The language courses are held in state and non-state schools, at universities and at work, both on a remote and stationary basis, in linguistically homogeneous and mixed groups. Foreign language teachers and language institution managers must attend to a wide spectrum of needs of learners who wish to augment their language competences for the purposes of exams, profession, mobility abroad, family, hobby or certification for one’s qualifications. Notwithstanding the context, aim, target group or external requirements, the teachers and language teaching management staff are required to display the characteristics of a leader to perform efficiently as leaders in the foreign language teaching and learning process.

The efficient leadership in language education is key in ensuring that teachers achieve educational objectives and learners succeed in learning and communication. This is why during the 6th PASE European Language Congress we would like to look at how to handle problems language teaching leaders are faced with by finding answers to the following questions and more.

Whether you are a teacher, both of state and non-state education, academic, researcher, trainer, psychologist, manager or an expert and if you want to share your achievements, experience and research results in Leadership in Language Education, you can submit your proposal of presentation and join the group of Polish and foreign speakers of the PASE European Language Congress 2021.

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