The invitation to submit proposals


5th European Language Congress PASE „21st century skills in foreign language education”

10-11 May 2019

University of Warsaw

On 10-11 May 2019, the Polish Association for Standards in Language Education (PASE) is organising the 5th European Language Congress „21st century skills in foreign language education”.

The PASE Congress is the largest event in the language education field in Poland and Europe. The unique congress program covers issues concerning every sphere of language education: from topics of practical language learning, through their theoretical justification to such issues as language school management and the professional development of teachers. The PASE Congress is also an opportunity to meet the best experts in language education in Poland and abroad, and an exceptional chance to exchange ideas or experiences and present your achievements.

Since the definition of Partnership for 21st century learning – the list of key competences of the 21st century, the pace of cultural and technological change has significantly increased, forcing the emergence of new forms and tools for transferring and acquiring knowledge, also in the field of language education. Democratization of access to information also undermined the traditional division of roles between creators and recipients of content, leading to a crisis of the teacher’s authority and loss of the status of the main source of knowledge by the school, while stressing the importance of such skills as: critical thinking, creativity and innovation. The aim of the 5th PASE Congress is therefore to discuss the issue of 21st century competences in language education and to try to embed them in reality seen from the perspective of the student, teacher and language school.

The invitation to submit proposals during the 5th European Language Congress PASE is extended to experts in the field of language education management from Poland and all over Europe, university lecturers, authors of publications on teaching and language education management, experienced managers and methodologists as well as to trainers and coaches for whom the use of modern technologies, innovation, as well as highly professional and life awareness, are critical skills in the language education of the 21st century.

The PASE Congress is also an excellent form of promotion, a unique opportunity to present yourself and your achievements in a group of 1000 international participants.

Speakers qualified to give lectures or conduct workshop sessions will receive free admission to all sessions of the Congress and diplomas of participation. Their names will also be published in promotional materials and on the Congress website.

The sessions will be held in Polish, English, German, French and Russian.

We look forward to receiving a proposal from you!

We’re waiting for proposals till 28 January 2019.

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